Fire Safety Manager (FSM)

The Fire Safety Manager (FSM) is a person, provides necessary services to protect a premise from fire hazard. In the other word, Fire Safety Manager is a person who helps the building owners to prevent substantial monetary and life losses resulting from fires. Hence, this position is responsible for all sorts of services to keep premises safe from fire threat. And, in case of fire accident the FSM takes necessary action to constrain the damages at lowest possible level.

Also, FSM promotes necessary knowledge along with the inhabitants of premises to preventive measure of the fire. As a result, building owner can avoid incidence related to fire, with the assistance of a Fire Safety Manager. In addition to ensure premise’s safety, such role deals with related legal issues.

This role is very important in many countries including Singapore. Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF) is the regulatory body of maintaining the standard of this task. There are several courses available to become qualified for this job. Initially FSM is doing below tasks for safety of a premise:

Fire Safety Committee: The FSM formulates a committee with the all stakeholders of relevant premise. The occupants, Chief Security Officer, Fire Wardens of the buildings are also member of this committee. Here, the FSM plays the vital role as coordinator .

Set the Emergency Fire evacuation Plans: The primary target of such plan is to protect the human lives in case of event of fire. To do so, safety manager formulates an organized and working evacuation plan. All of the responsible individuals, involved in handling emergencies are also become part of this plan.

Aware the people: FSM educates the related people about the Fire safety codes and regulations. This is a part of jod for such role.

Maintain synchronization with SCDF: Coordinating with SCDF is very much important for all fire safety related requirement. This is also a mandatory duty of FSM.

Assist in legal actions: Such manager also assists in submission of building plan to authority. This is a requirement for both new and development works. They also attends to face the inspection of Fire Safety Bureau for renewal of Fire safety Certificate.

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