We provide fire safety solution in Singapore

Fire Safety Management Consultancy (FSMC) is a registered company to provide fire safety solution in Singapore. The Registered office is located at 1 Soon Lee Street, #04-44,45 Pioneer Centre, Singapore- 627605. In Singapore, fire safety of the building is utmost important. Premises owners are legally bound to appoint Fire Safety Manager to take care of the building/s. So, FSMC is established with an aim to provide very innovative and cost effective fire safety solutions to the building/plant/yard owner. Our company has skilled manpower with strong engineering background. Hence, we ensure the highest quality of the job and fulfill customer demands.

We provide top quality professional fire safety managers

FSMC understands the necessity of keeping your building safe from fire hazard. Therefore, we provide experienced and competent professional Fire Safety Managers and WSHO experts for the required buildings and premises as per local regulation. This ensures to prevent any minor or major fire incident in the designated building. FSMC never compromise with the quality of their services. Moreover, we are always updating our services according to the modern technology, new rules and regulations. FSMC have dedicated email (fsmcsg@gmail.com) and Tel/WhatsApp no: (+65 85786896 / 91697931) to communicate and any query of interested clients

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